Friday, 14 November 2008

The Razor's Edge

If I could I would pause you now
With your liquid laugh echoing
In the bathroom while you watch me
Shaving in the morning mirror.
Your face mimics mine as I stretch
My skin to smooth the passing
Of the razor's each sharp sweep.
Like Jonathon Joe in the verse
Our mouths are like huge Os;
So soon we are giggling. I'm swallowing
Foam and I'm glad drowning in love.

So let's stop and grasp what we share -
Small moments - let's not ask for more,
For how long before it's your hair there
And there's a lock upon the bathroom door?

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Remembrance Service 1984

What a name for a boy-
Montague Rainbow-
To hear that young November.

A roll-call of the school dead
Dully read to us
As we shuffled and yawned.

But now at forty and more
He stays in my head,
No grand arch offering hope

Instead an oil slicked puddle -
A mess to tread through -
A name with no meaning left.