Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Melody at Night with You.

And the buildings are cut out against the sky –

A perfect space to call us to the everyday.

The full earpodded rush of jangled music

Opposes  the mundane wish to get into bed.

Soberly I just want to erupt and dance in the streets

Make myself a mockery as the song assumes,

To sling my arms to the air and swirl delight.

These night excitements need to be cherished

Too often we are made poorer, necessary amnesia;

Batted aside by the ordinary, the rational and sensible.

We have no big G or little g Gods, no diety

To hallelujah anymore and keep us in line.

Any awe we feel is formula, weighed, explained.

The instant that fills the space – that now rush

Comes before we can think, it sings us into

An other, both utterly us and utterly new.