Friday, 14 November 2008

The Razor's Edge

If I could I would pause you now
With your liquid laugh echoing
In the bathroom while you watch me
Shaving in the morning mirror.
Your face mimics mine as I stretch
My skin to smooth the passing
Of the razor's each sharp sweep.
Like Jonathon Joe in the verse
Our mouths are like huge Os;
So soon we are giggling. I'm swallowing
Foam and I'm glad drowning in love.

So let's stop and grasp what we share -
Small moments - let's not ask for more,
For how long before it's your hair there
And there's a lock upon the bathroom door?


jack said...

"each sharp sweep" is beautiful
I really love this poem

danielle said...

This poem brought a tear to my eye. I appreciate the overwhelming love tinged with sadness and inevitability of the onslaught of time.